What We Serve:

We serve you. That is the plain and simple form of it. In fact, we serve you daily making sure that you and your loved ones are protected with local credit repair specialists. Our successes are your successes. We cannot ignore the situation, that is why we are here to help you. There are stories out there, stories of people who loose their homes, and their livelihoods-and if this has ever happened to you take heart that you will be okay. Take heart in the knowledge that you and your loved ones are able to access local services that care about you.

Call us today to get your free action plan set up.

What is an action plan?

Well, thanks for asking! An action plan is the first steps that you need to ensure that your credit is on the road to repair. We look at all three of your credit reports, identify what needs to be cleaned up and what needs to be stricken from the books so to speak. Each person has a unique financial footprint. We know that, and that is why we are here to help you understand what we can do to make your bad credit history disappear.

Misconceptions about credit repair are everywhere in this day and age. In fact,  every time you apply for credit you affect your credit. Every time you apply for a job those people look at your credit, and affect your credit. Everything affects your credit and we want to make that worry history.  Your credit score allows lenders the opportunity to see if you are a good risk or a bad risk. You really can’t blame them for wanting to look either in this day and age. In fact, your credit score will even keep you from getting an apartment if it is horrible enough!

Yes, it’s the modern day debtors prison-the invisible bars being your credit history and of course your inability to get a job based on it. If you have a bank account chances are you have credit-and chances are you have bills. Contact us today to get your credit repaired!